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Virtus Experience

Virtus Bologna is a milestone in European basketball.

With a history of successes, emotions and tradition, it represents an excellence of the territory that stands as an innovator in its sector.

Virtus’ strength is to be a big family, on and off the court.

With 585,000 supporters in Emilia-Romagna, of which over 4900 season ticket holders in the 19/20 season, the catchment area exceeds the total number of supporters of the four Emilian football clubs that play in the Serie A championship.

A large catchment area, ambitious goals and state-of-the-art facilities are key features for consolidating Virtus Segafredo's excellence and guaranteeing its partners and supporters an engaging reality full of opportunities.


CASA VIRTUS ALFASIGMA: The complex on via dell’Arcoveggio has been enriched with state-of-the-art facilities that have made it a real basketball campus of the black&white team. Next to the legendary Porelli gym, the Virtus Official Shop and the building that houses the company's offices have been built, together with 12 apartments dedicated to the women's team and the youth sector situated on the upper floors.

VIRTUS SEGAFREDO ARENA: with a capacity of approximately 10,000 seats, it is the temple of basketball and the home of Virtus aficionados.
Commercial booths and installations dedicated to supporters create a real "black&white village" that creates the perfect atmosphere during the gameday.
A conference room with more than 200 seats and the VIP Hospitality area dedicated to the company’s partners are services designed to offer the opportunity to taste the Virtus Experience at 360 °.

FIRST TEAM: A top-level roster designed to compete at national and European level and give supporters an unforgettable show at every match.

FIRST FEMALE TEAM: Respect, loyalty, passion and sacrifice. These are the values ​​that guide our first women’s team made up of a group of girls that fought for the top division.

YOUTH AND MINIBASKET SECTOR: The youth sector also aims for excellence, boasting membership in the top FIP national championships for all selections.
The goal is to enhance the promising young players of the area by involving over 400 families in organized activities.

SOCIAL MEDIA: In the last period, the official social profiles of Virtus Bologna have proved to be those with greater growth compared to all the other LBA Clubs, as certified by the BasketballLeague Report of Iquii Sport, thanks to the constant and multichannel active involvement of their supporters.

TV REPORT: 65% of supporters follow the Black Vs also on TV and streaming platforms, thanks to valuable broadcasters such as Eurosport and RaiSport, followed by about 13 million enthusiasts.

OUR OFFER: The Sponsor Value Model (Stage Up / Ipsos) highlights that the ability of a sponsorship to be memorized depends on a plurality of factors including the emotional involvement generated, the complex system from which information is gathered, the synergies between the different means of communication. Based on the Sponsor Value model, it is estimated that the Segafredo Zanetti sponsorship has developed, for the entire 2018-19 season, an overall communicational value of € 1,342,000.


THE LBA RACE UNIFORM: The competition uniform is one of the most important visibility tools; it carries the company logo in all the arenas and is always in the spotlight, on social media or on TV. Moreover, it represents a real cult object for supporters, giving a unique status to the company that decides to be part of it.

THE EUROPEAN UNIFORM: Virtus is not only able to bring companies to the most important Italian sports halls, but also to the main ones at European level with a uniform completely dedicated to a single reality, in addition to the main sponsor Segafredo, which wants to write, with Virtus, new chapters on the major continental stages.

THE MIDFIELD: The midfield is the visibility tool with the most impact. The best option to bring out the logo of a company right from the tip-off while remaining in the centre of the game where the eyes of the supporters are focused, from the bleachers and from home.

THE SUBCUBE: The sub cube is at the centre of the game, in the foreground of every tip-off, has the eyes of all the supporters focused on it throughout the entire game, being live as on TV.

THE WELCOME-WALL: The main entrance to the Arena is of great impact for the supporters who enter the playing area from the Mall and get ready to experience the thrill of the match. The welcome wall welcomes the aficionados, guiding them towards the heart of the Segafredo Arena.

OVER-SHIRT:  The over-shirt dresses the players at all times of the match day outside the match: on the way from the locker room to the court, during the pre-match and at the halftime, during the presentation of the teams and when they cheer on the bench. Furthermore, it is part of the official merchandising of the company.

THE STICKERS ON THE COURT: Mirrored on both sides of the court, they are always in the spotlight, from the start of the warm-up until the final whistle.

THE SEMICIRCLES: Between a pick’n roll and a three-point shot, when the supporters hold their breath, it is to the semicircle that they turn their gaze.

THE BASKETS: The elements of the court on which the attention of supporters, photographers and the media is more focused and closer to which the action becomes more intense.

The LED is an impacting instrument positioned on the side-line which, with its animations on the 52 meters side-line, is able to catch the eye of the audience in the building or in front of the television screens. Extremely dynamic, being customizable with the various communication messages of the partner, it can also be studied and changed for each single game.

The stand, in particular, offers the possibility of distributing advertising material, sampling or directly selling one’s products. Together with the Virtus staff, games, gadgets and special moments can be arranged, in order to attract more and more the attention of the potential customer.

The VIP Lounges are the ultimate in exclusivity to experience the game day experience in a unique way. They are private and personalized lounges, designed for those who want to enjoy the event with maximum comfort and privacy. Ten comfortable armchairs with dedicated catering to offer you and your guests the maximum comfort and privacy you need to strengthen your relationships thanks to the emotions that only Virtus can offer.


Virtus aims at encouraging networking and new business opportunities for its partners.
The events dedicated to companies, the opportunity to take advantage of corporate subscriptions and to carry out marketing activities related to the sports world, attest to Virtus'
desire to create an exclusive and engaging reality even for companies that want to feel part of the great black & white family.

Live unforgettable moments with your customers, suppliers or employees through the black&white emotions. Refined Hospitality areas designed for the business world, welcome service, convenient parking, cloakroom and exclusive services such as walk-about.

Virtus is able to convey the values ​​and emotions of the sporting world even off the court. The modern club environments are able to host any type of corporate event dedicated to customers, suppliers or employees. Casa Virtus Alfasigma, the Porelli gym and the Virtus Segafredo Arena, with its hospitality area and its large press room, are all exclusive and exciting locations made available to companies. In particular, at the Arena it is possible to study both institutional and emotional events, such as a match on the official Vnere court. Furthermore, for a small number of people (up to 20) it is possible to organize private dinners with the company management.

One of our strengths is to be able to offer a wide relational world, available in a context of high attention. This project has the objective of maximizing contact opportunities within the Virtus partner network, giving a leading role in B2B events and on all related communication tools.

The partnership with Virtus can totally involve a sponsor company, thanks to the creation of a capsule for corporate clothing or by studying dedicated gadgets for Christmas gifts or corporate events.

Social media are one of the main assets of a sports club, they represent an arena to be experienced daily for supporters. There are many recurring communications that offer the opportunity to reach a huge audience. The proposal of the "Digital Packages" aims to offer our partners the opportunity to evaluate a range of options to make the most of the great potential of our online communication channels.

The newsletters are considered by supporters as an important asset to strengthen the bond withthe team and with the club and to always be informed about the news concerning the Virtus world and its partners. Fully customizable by our partners, newsletters are an extremely interesting means of communication to reach the desired target with offers, promotions and marketing activities. Virtus database accounts for 14,000 unique contacts and more than 200 reachable companies.

You can insert your logo in posts shared through the official social pages and the Virtus website. Visibility is maximized by the great relevance that published communications have for enthusiasts.
• Match results: 50,000 views per single match, 1,600,000 views for the regular season;
• Presentation of the match: 40,000 views per single match, over 600,000 views for the regular
• MVP: 40,000 views per single game, over 600,000 views for the regular season
• Birthdays 30,000 views per single occasion, 400,000 views per year.