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Bologna, 20th december –




Today, at Casa Virtus Alfasigma, a press conference was held to present the project “Adopt a family”, which Virtus Segafredo has decided to carry out in support of AssiSLA Onlus in the difficult fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

As described by the President of AssiSLA, Dr. Filippo Martone: “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a rare disease today incurable, affecting between 80 and 100 people per million inhabitants. ALS generates conditions of extreme difficulty, a family nucleus that is affected is subjected to a severe test. Sometimes it is brought to its knees. AssiSLA onlus, through the program “Adopt a Family”, asks to the great realities of the economic fabric of Emilia-Romagna to help the families that are going through the most difficult conditions through a monthly economic support. This program today takes its first step thanks to the sensitivity shown by a club, Virtus Pallacanestro, which makes of its heart a daily reason, to which AssiSLA is immensely grateful. Not only for the gesture, of immediate, important and tangible generosity, but for the great example that, we are sure, will soon be followed by many other realities”.

AssiSLA Onlus deals with the assistance of people affected by ALS and their families, through interventions directly addressed to them and training and awareness activities. With its monthly contribution Virtus Segafredo Bologna will support just one of these, in the complex daily management of the disease.

“We are proud – says the CEO of Virtus Pallacanestro, Luca Baraldi – to support the important social project of AssiSLA and to be able to give concrete help to those who, every day, are forced to live with this situation. Virtus wants to be the first sports club, in the territory, to adopt a sick person and to be an example for other clubs or companies, who want to commit themselves and help these realities”.

The presentation was also attended by Dr. Fabrizio Salvi, scientific director of the ALS, myasthenia and amyloidosis program at the IRCCS of Neuroscience in Bologna: “I deal every day with people affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Bologna and its province. As scientific responsible of AssiSLA Onlus, through my daily experience and the collaboration that I normally have with the social welfare system, I live firsthand the real and sometimes terrible difficulties that families have to face when a loved one is affected by this merciless condition. I am excited about this possibility that through sensitive realities such as Virtus Basketball we can make available to the neediest families. In a context however controlled and within a condition of clear utility”.



LBA | Special guest at Segafredo Arena: Aaron



Bolgna, April 17, 2023 –


Great enthusiasm last night during the game between Virtus Segafredo and Dolomiti Energia Trento for the presence of Aaron, an 8-month-old child born with spina bifida, originally from Asmara, Eritrea, where he did not have the possibility of surgery and risked his life. Virtus Segafredo, thanks to the support of virtussini fans, sided with Bimbo Tu from the start to financially support the expenses to allow Aron to have surgery at the Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna.

On the occasion of the game against Sassari, a promotion will be active in the East Gradinata Est that includes the possibility of purchasing a ticket for € 14.50 (plus presale) thanks to the collaboration with “Bimbo Tu.” A portion of the proceeds will go toward the purchase of machinery and instrumentation needed by the pediatrics departments of Bologna’s hospitals. Continue to support Bimbo Tu’s project by purchasing tickets at the following link






Bologna, May 12, 2023 –

For Mother’s Day a special gift: 50 neonatal technical cribs to protect and cherish from the earliest moments the mutual knowledge between mother and baby

The commitment of the Maternity staff of the Azienda USL di Bologna supported by the Bimbo tu solidarity cordate in which an entrepreneur, Virtus Segafredo, Fatro and many Bologna donors participated

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the Maternity Departments of the Azienda USL of Bologna located at the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna and the Hospital of Bentivoglio receive a great gift: 50 technical neonatal cradles with which more than 5,000 mothers each year will be able to safely breastfeed their babies. This is a truly special gift, the result of a solidarity drive promoted and supported by Bimbo Tu that involved a businesswoman, Virtus Segafredo, Fatro and many Bologna donors.

“Donations of this kind represent the concrete sign of a supportive community, capable of co-designing and looking together at the future of healthcare, paying attention to the reception and concrete needs of patients, thus contributing, in an effective way, to make innovative structures and services that put at the center the needs of those who live every day in the ward,” explains Paolo Bordon, General Director of the Azienda USL di Bologna.

This important donation, worth a total of 60,974.38 euros, was the result of a wide-ranging project of the Maternal and Infantile Department of the Azienda USL di Bologna to which all the medical and nursing staff and midwives of the Maternity Unit contributed.

“Every birth is accompanied by moments that are as magical as they are delicate. It brings with it new balances, new rhythms, new relationships. Moments to which it is necessary to give the right attention, the right protection,” explains Chiara Ghizzi, Director of the Maternal and Infantile Department of the Azienda USL of Bologna.

Some news episodes that have occurred in recent months, as well as the related media resonance, have in fact burdened the physiological fragility that every woman experiences during pregnancy and in the moments immediately following childbirth. The attention of the Azienda’s Maternal and Infantile Department, grasping the need of every mother to be reassured and put in a position to be able to experience the first fundamental moments of relationship with her newborn in the utmost safety and serenity, has given rise to a project aimed at protecting and guarding in particular the first moments of mutual acquaintance between mother and baby, which are essential in the evolution of the little one.

“In a first phase, as soon as covid allowed, the Maternity Hospital of Maggiore and Bentivoglio was opened h24 to the partner and/or a trusted person of the new mother, thus supporting rooming in, under conditions of maximum safety. This choice has undoubtedly entailed an additional workload for healthcare staff-particularly for nurses and midwives-who in this way are daily engaged on the one hand in teaching and reminding all those who enter the ward of the hygienic rules for combating the infectious risk of the little ones, and on the other hand in taking care not only of the mother and her baby, but of the entire new family unit,” explains Stefania Guidomei, DATeR Head of Women and Children’s Area.

At the same time, thanks to Bimbo tu, a solidarity rope was started, with which a dream took shape: to guarantee every mother a special cradle. The donated cribs (41 cribs from Fatro Spa and 9 from Virtus Segafredo Bologna through a promotion on bleacher tickets activated by the club for four home games in April and May) in fact allow each new mother rooming in maximum safety, guaranteeing the contact and protection of the little one, that is, the intimacy that is essential to guard from the first moments of life.

“Where there is change to be made and concrete answers to be given, Bimbo Tu makes sure to find a way for this to happen, and in this case, too, we wanted it to be so,” said Alessandro Arcidiacono, president of Bimbo Tu.

“This donation was made possible thanks to the sensitivity and ‘attention that once again our fans have shown. Together with them we have reached the important goal of delivering 9 technical neonatal cribs that we hope will help the maternity wards of the Maggiore and Bentivoglio Hospitals in Bologna. An achievement that once again demonstrates Virtus Segafredo Bologna’s ability to team up on and off the court,” added Luca Baraldi, CEO Virtus Segafredo Bologna.

“We give our contribution to Bimbo Tu for the realization of this important project, aware that, especially in these times, solidarity and everyone’s commitment are essential for the common welfare,” concluded Giovanni Zaini of FATRO.

The 50 technical neonatal cradles have a specially designed braking system to guard the first moments of relationship between mother and baby, protect them and make them evolve in the maximum serenity of mother, father and baby. 15 of these cradles will be destined for Bentivoglio Hospital while the others will remain at Maggiore Hospital.