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Scariolo: “We are happy for this win, I first want to thank Zanetti, Baraldi and Ronci who brought me here.”

Bologna – 

“We are extremely happy. It’s been a great EuroCup. I want to thank first of all the team, organization from Mr. Zanetti to Luca [Baraldi] and Paolo [Ronci] for allowing me to come here and coach this team. It was not easy to leave the NBA,  but this is a day you might think it was worth it. And thank you for respecting my requirements, my choices about players, my decisions about the roster. I have to tell you that they really tried to do everything and were extremely supportive I am really grateful for this.

“Thank you to the fans for the great atmosphere tonight. We felt their support throughout the whole season, even in the first half when we had so many injuries, crazy one after another. We thought it was a typical unlucky season where you don’t figure it out. But finally, after February, we found some health and then we incorporated a couple of new players who gave us a little more experience and maturity.

“Thank you to the team for letting me coach them. For showing me deep trust for everything I was throwing at them at practice from the very beginning. I felt this trust and I dare to really deep to try to improve and raise the level of our competitiveness. And also thank you for standing through my harsh moments because I know that sometimes I am really tough on players. This probably compensates for everything.

“Thank you to my family. My wife and my daughter here, my mom and sister in Brescia and my son in the US. Thank you to the staff, coaches. Unbelievable job. Conditioning coaches, physical therapists, doctors, managers. Unbelievable job. This cup is theirs and on to the next one.

“Time to enjoy of course. But we feel that we have good chemistry, a good cohesiveness. We have something a little special right here and this doesn’t happen every year. We have to build on that and hopefully, we will.

“Once again congratulations to our opponent, very fierce, very proud. Never gave up. This EuroCup was defined as the best ever. I have not played so many to make my judgment, but for sure the level was very high. Many great teams couldn’t make it and we are humbled to have done it. Once again congrats to our opponent for their unbelievable EuroCup competition as well.”