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LBF, Round 12 | Coach Giampiero Ticchi and Alessandra Orsili’s postgame

Bologna, Dec. 18 –


In the postgame press conference, coach Giampiero Ticchi commented on his team’s performance this way after the game against BdS Dinamo Sassari: “It’s been a long time since we played here, so it’s definitely nice to come back and play in front of our fans. Sassari is a very good team so the girls were prepared for a tough game but we built it up defensively in the best way by forcing them to take tough shots: a performance that was needed and we are happy about it. As a coach, I am very pleased that all the players who took the court managed to get on the scoreboard.
Euroleague? We have an important game coming up on Wednesday with one of the strongest teams, so we will have to give a performance of as much character and prove our worth.”

Alessandra Orsili also spoke to the microphones, these are her statements: “We were good not to underestimate the game because Sassari has very good players who can put us in serious difficulty. From the beginning we were good defensively on pick’n’rolls and offensive transitions and then it’s obvious that when the ball comes in with continuity you melt and everything becomes easier: we wanted to take easy shots and in the first seconds to get into rhythm. Fortunately I have a lot of teammates and I feel great on the court with each of them especially with Pasa who is a great teammate.
Now we have the game with Prague ahead of us, which is one of the best teams so we will have to work hard, but we will be lucky to be able to do it in front of our audience hoping to give for Christmas the first Euroleague win on our court.”