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Euroleague, round 16 | The words of the game’s protagonists

Bologna –

At the end of the game, Belinelli and Pajola, two of the protagonists of the win over Fenerbahce, commented as follows to Sky microphones:

Marco Belinelli, Virtus Segafredo Bologna guard: “I think it was a really important game for us. We played against, right now, the best team in the EuroLeague. We fought from the beginning of the game until the end. Everybody was ready to help each other on rebounds, because I think we suffered a lot on rebounds in the first two quarters and everybody was there to help. We moved the ball on offense, and I think for us, for the fans, it is a great win. That’s what I want to do: I love to play. I just want to play and win games, win everything. This is who I am. We just need to keep going. We have another game in the Italian championship against Milan. We just need to keep going, and I hope everything is going to be good.”


Alessandro Pajola, Virtus Segafredo Bologna guard: “I think we did a really good job as a team. We really played together, both on offense and especially on defense. In the second half, we fixed a little bit the rebounding situation that we suffered a lot from in the first half. We did it as a team, we really played as a team, so it’s a really good win. Our fans helped us a lot, it was a great win. We needed that confidence. Of course, we had some ups and downs during the season, but we want to win big games at home, where our fans help us a lot. We have to continue in this way, especially on defense; we have to step up, because in this league, we have to play really good defense to win these kind of games.”