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Zandalsini MVP of the first round: Laksa and Parker also among the best

Bologna, Dec. 27 –


Time to take stock as we approach the close of the first half of the season and the calendar year. LBF Techfind, as usual, asked through its social channels fans to express their preferences in several categories taken into consideration in this first part of the season: MVP, Best Young, Best Italian and Best Quintet.

The MVP palm is awarded to Cecilia Zandalasini who with 62% takes home the title. Merit for her 17.2 points average, with a fantastic 65% from two and 45% from three points to which must be added the LBF MVP of the month award for November. Even the Best Italian award is prey to Cecilia Zandalasini who wins by detachment with 56% of the votes: another success for the HCL number 24.
The last award, of best quintet, sees Segafredo win the title of best small forward, again with Cecilia Zandalasini (60% of the votes for her) followed by teammate Kitija Laksa with 16% of the votes, scoring a double: gold and silver for Virtus. Instead, a silver medal comes in the role of Pivot with Cheyenne Parker placing second with 28% of the votes, thanks to 66% from two-point range and a season average of 14.8 points that hoist her rightfully among the best scorers inside the area of coach Giampiero Ticchi’s team.