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Virtus Segafredo Bologna women’s team visiting Istituto Sant’Alberto Magno

Bologna, Jan. 19 –


Virtus Segafredo Bologna was a guest of the Sant’Alberto Magno Institute in Bologna today. Representing the Black Vs were three members of the women’s team: captain Sabrina Cinili, Beatrice Barberis and Alessandra Orsili. Many topics were discussed, such as the relationship between youth and sports, the role of women in sports, integration and prejudices, but also the personal experiences of the players who told about their path and experiences related to life as an athlete.

These are the testimonies of the HCL players to young people from primary, secondary and junior high schools:

Sabrina Cinili: “I played a lot, even abroad, and this allowed me to get to know many different cultures. I think that sports and school are more similar than you might imagine: in our work, which is also our passion, if you train consistently every day and commit yourself, you gain a self-confidence that allows you to go on the court and be serene that you have given 100 percent. The same thing is true in school because if you carry out your work every day with commitment, it will pay off.
Everything lies in optimal preparation in any area of one’s life.”

Beatrice Barberis: “I consider myself a normal girl with very big ambitions. Year after year I have worked hard to dispel the stereotype of the sportsman who is not also intelligent: one thing does not exclude the other while too many times there is a tendency to separate these two aspects so if one studies automatically he cannot be a sportsman and vice versa. I think you should not put a young person in front of this choice.
At your age I didn’t know at all what I wanted to do in life: however, I was guided by my passions. I am less talented than other players but I worked hard because it was my passion. Never let go of your passions, pursue them, fight to be and nurture them because it will make you feel satisfied with your efforts.”

Alessandra Orsili: “Being a player has made me grow up and become an adult, maybe even much faster than many of my peers and contemporaries. I wish you all the best as you grow up to be great sportsmen and women: you will often meet a lot of people and a lot of opponents who will probably be better than you, and no matter how talented you may be, you can’t rely on that alone. It really takes a lot of work, a lot of ethics, because it allows you to improve and become better people and better players.
I hope you can experience as many situations as possible, as uncomfortable as they may be, to bring out your individualities, which are all beautiful.”

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