The celebration of winning the EuroCup.

Bologna –

A veritable sea of crowds greeted Belinelli and his teammates as they arrived in Piazza Maggiore; it was supposed to be a celebration and it was.

Great enthusiasm, celebration with smoke bombs and choruses for all.

From the start to the Porelli, the uncovered bus was “escorted” by dozens and dozens of scooters, bikes and motorcycles, on the sidewalks, from the balconies and windows of the houses many virtussini fans greeted the V Nere as they passed by with black and white flags and scarves.

Marco Belinelli raised the trophy again in front of everyone and greeted the fans.
You are incredible and so many. It was a beautiful victory, it was beautiful to win in front of ten thousand people.
I wanted to say again that on Wednesday you hit a goal, we will try to win again as much as we can for ourselves, but also for you.

Sergio ScarioloIt’s nicer to keep than to promise. But we make a promise. We won’t win every game, maybe we won’t even play every game well, but we will do everything to make you feel proud of this team for a long time to come.