Ronci to Radio Nettuno Bologna Uno: “A great atmosphere in the team. Presence and warmth of the fans will be important for the difficult matches to come”

Bologna –


Virtus Segafredo Bologna’s General Manager Paolo Ronci was a guest this morning on Radio Nettuno Bologna Uno, the club’s official radio station: “We’re on track, even if every position in the standings other than the first one can be improved. Maybe the only flaw so far has been the loss to Valencia, also because we know how important home games are, especially in the EuroCup. This year’s cup formula is really complicated, keeping the home court factor is an important aspect even if in this period of limitations and closed-door games talking about home court factor is difficult.”

“With Treviso we played as a team at a good level, beyond the players who alternated on the court. We were able to work well on defense and this allowed us to take and maintain an important lead. The team, as coach Scariolo also pointed out, plays well in offense, regardless of the players on the court. The goal is to get to a high defensive level as a team, because with defense, the chances of victory increase in every game.”

A team that seems more and more united: “In the team there is a beautiful atmosphere, we work every day for this thanks to the help of everyone, even those who work in the offices of Casa Virtus. We were all happy to see Udoh back in Bologna, he was the defensive pivot we thought about during the summer. We never had him and we had to rethink many things. The example is Jaiteh, who arrived as a replacement for Udoh to learn from him and now, after a period of adjustment, he is constantly improving thanks to everyone’s help. Especially thanks to Teodosic? They have a good relationship, they talk often, not since yesterday but since the beginning of the season and it is definitely a plus for him, also because on the court a lot of his work passes through Milos’ hands. This is a team that always wants to look for a free teammate, that loves to pass the ball. In addition to Teodosic, who is teaching everyone the desire to have fun passing the ball, we also have Pajola who in recent games has been dispensing assists, Nico is an excellent passer and even Belinelli, who we all know is an excellent shooter, has substantially increased his assists. This is a symptom of a team that is growing thanks to the work in the gym, the mutual trust between the players is increasing.”

On Sampson: “He is a player who came in to replace an injured player and at that moment he was the best possible choice. We are asking JaKarr to play a role that is different in the NBA than in European basketball. He needs a change of mentality, he needs patience because he has to take more responsibility on the court. The technical staff believes in this player and is helping him: the starting point is his energy and defensive commitment, in a team context that in offense does not depend directly on his points. He is working, he is always available to work and he wants to show his potential with pride. It’s obvious that something different is being asked of him right now than what he was doing in the NBA.”

Nico Mannion is back on the court: “Nico I see him every day in practice, the trend is positive and he is growing. He is finding his plays, thanks to our veterans the level of training is always high and this helps him. It is spectacular to see how Teodosic, Belinelli, Weems in training do not give an inch to win every game or every exercise. In this context, Mannion’s growth bodes well, he doesn’t have the game rhythm yet but he gets that by playing.”

Finally, a message to the fans: “We hope to start meeting all together again soon at the Segafredo Arena, because for us the fans are very important and also for the players it changes a lot to feel the warmth from the stands. It may be a trivial thing but even the most experienced players feel this a lot. Important opponents and delicate games are coming soon and there it will be necessary, in addition to the performance of the team, also and above all the closeness of our public and our supporters.”