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PRE SEASON | San Giovanni Val D’Arno – Virtus Segafredo Bologna: 70 -80

San Giovanni Val D’Arno, 20 settembre –


San Giovanni Val D’Arno vs Virtus Segafredo Bologna: 70 – 80
(Q1 27 – 38; Q2 46 – 49; Q3 58 – 68)

San Giovanni Val D’Arno: Varga 5, Trasi 11, Schwienbacher, Tassinari 9, Lazzaro 2, Milani, Missanelli 2, Bove 9, Garrick 24, Peyton 8, Atanosowski
Coach: Matassini

Virtus Segafredo Bologna: Del Pero 5, Pasa 8, Dojkic13, Andrè 4, Zandalasini 19, Orsili 2, Parker 16, Laksa 12, Cerè 4
Coach: Ticchi


Below, coach Ticchi’s post-game words:

“We added another piece to make us ready for important appointments. We faced a team that tackled us in an energetic and aggressive manner, perhaps the first time we faced such a physical team, and we suffered from this attitude. San Giovanni was good at playing on the advantages we gave them and at shooting, with excellent three-point percentages. Our first quarter was great, but then we dropped and in the second half we were the worst version of ourselves so far. I had asked the girls for different things from what we’ve done so far, but we still have to work on the necessary amalgam because we think a lot before we do things and so we lose intensity. Anyway, it was a useful friendly to understand how to face this kind of teams: now we go back to training to be ready for the Super Cup”.