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LBF | National team commitments for Virtus Segafredo Bologna players.

Bologna, Jan. 31 –


After the final whistle of the game on Saturday, Feb. 4, between Virtus Segafredo Bologna and Acronos Moncalieri (Link tickets), the Black Vu’s will have a break for the national break that will bring as many as four Segafredo players to be engaged with their respective nations.

Among the Azzurre, to be summoned were Cecilia Zandalasini, among the best Italians in the league, and Olbis Futo Andrè, committed against Luxembourg (Feb. 9) and Switzerland (Feb. 12): for the Italian national team it is a pure formality with the Eurobasket qualification already conquered in November.

Kitija Laksa, summoned by Latvia, will also play against Sweden on Feb. 12 for her last qualifying game with the red-and-white national team.

The last “Bolognese” summoned is Iliana Rupert, who in February will be engaged on Feb. 9 with Lithuania and on Feb. 12 with Finland