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LBA, Round 1 | Scariolo: “Important win, first games are always quite indecipherable”

Napoli –

After the win with Napoli, coach Sergio Scariolo spoke in the press conference.

“Happy with the win, on the road in the league will not be easy. We have to try to have more continuity: some players have to fit in, others have to acquire the right physical fitness. In games where the opponent may have a longer physical hold you can’t always win by starting badly. First games are always undecipherable, an important win nonetheless. I am more happy to see that the team then knows how to compact, knows how to raise the defensive line by pressing more. Clearly, when we have 40 minutes in our legs as a team we will definitely be more continuous. It definitely takes more humility at a time when we obviously don’t have in a high level of mutual knowledge yet, that comes from training and games. The players we have out are all players who were already there last year, so their return will help grow in fluidity and knowledge. At the same time we have to kind of be able to create a new amalgamation. I’m glad that the first three official games were tight, point-to-point games, where we were also down in the score: these are games that forge your character right away. Mickey? He is a player called to be an important player, he must have continuity on both sides of the court: he has points in his hands, he has class. We are a team that also builds its victories with defensive toughness, and from that point of view I expect he can still improve.”