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LBA, Game 2 Finals | Coach Scariolo’s postgame: “Decisive rebounds in such balanced games.”

Bologna –

Coach Sergio Scariolo spoke in press conference after the game with Milano: “Good rebounding work was decisive. They are balanced games, in this one we led more than in the first one. For us to control defensive rebounds means putting the game on rhythms that we like more. In the beginning what I had to do was to take Toko off the court, to calm him down a bit and get his confidence back, the beginning had me a bit worried. But that’s how it works here, if you’ve done something in your career and you’ve shown it is assumed that something you continue to show on the court, it works for everybody, it’s the logic of things and Toko showed it again. A player also capable of starting badly and then correcting his performance. We had to break the thread between Rodriguez and Hines and today we were more careful and we succeeded well, which in Game 1 was detrimental to us. Pajola? He was good, double value to his performance especially after Hackett’s injury. I’m very happy with the game he played.”