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LBA, Round 18 | Coach Scariolo’s postgame: “The team is showing cohesion and discipline. Kudos to Beli.”

Bologna –


Coach Sergio Scariolo spoke in a press conference after the win over Brescia: “I have to express my compliments to Marco Belinelli, for the great performance because he has been contributing defensively for a few weeks now. He had limited minutes due to a thigh strain that fortunately did not bother him, we were always in contact during the game. I’m very happy with this win because these are always difficult games to play: I saw deep fatigue in some players. I congratulate Brescia, they never gave up, even taking advantage of some of our quintet that at that moment of the game we had to have on the court to restore condition to Abi, to keep up Nico who did some good things. We overcame difficult moments with character, cohesion but also calmness and lucidity to do the right things. In three or four circumstances we were able to find Belinelli in game situations that we have for him and he had accuracy in shooting. We are in an emergency but I am proud of how we are holding our own. We’re doing the right things, we’re not ‘killing’ players, we’re always in contact with the medical staff and we never do anything that can’t be done. Cordinier’s injury is a huge blow, probably after Milos he is the most irreplaceable player we have in terms of impact on the way we play. This team is showing cohesion and discipline in what we are proposing to them: every day my players believe in what we are doing, cohesively and competitively. The players know that they cannot do anything about injuries, they can only step up to compensate for absences: Belinelli, for example, has done this very well in the last two games. The return of Teodosic and Lundberg? I hope they can dress, then the autonomy they can have we’ll see: Milos came out of fever today, he’s still not very well, Iffe with this de facto disability on his finger, we’ll see in the next few days what their feelings are.”