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LBA, Round 16 | Scariolo: “30 minutes excellent, last quarter unworthy”

Brindisi –


This is how Coach Scariolo commented on the Brindisi game in the press conference: “Congratulations to Happy Casa, they took advantage with character and determination of our incredible blackout in the last quarter. Honestly I find it strange to comment on a defeat that matured after 30′ of excellent basketball and that conversely led us in the last 10′ to forget about all the defensive and offensive principles, team play and intensity on which we had built the 20-point lead by becoming soft, selfish, holding, once again, the ball too still and in conceding penetration to the iron too easily by our outside players but also with little protection by our long players. Obviously there are many pictures that need to be reviewed and we will do it calmly and cold. I repeat that the last 10′ were unworthy, the first 30′ excellent, so I have to say it’s a matter of concentration above all and letting thoughts other than “let’s secure the game, let’s win” and then maybe think about our individual problems, our game or performance, probably this affected taking away our concentration on the collective goal of winning it. Congratulations to Happy Casa and best of luck in the upcoming games.
You expect your team to play well, and you expect it all the more if they played well for 30′, then I don’t have a crystal ball. Honestly the first 30′ of high quality and intensity makes you think you can take it from 30′ to 40′, then clearly it didn’t happen, so bad prediction on my part. We’ll review it like all games and make our cold considerations afterwards.”