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Laksa: points and assists to lead Virtus Segafredo Bologna

Bologna, 21 September –


Veni, vidi, vici. That’s how Kitija Laksa’s first Italian experience could be summed up, after having played the ace player by bringing home the Italian Scudetto, Coppa Italia and Supercoppa last season. To these he also added the MVP award in each of the competitions.

All in all, a good business card for the Riga winger, who in addition to playing for her hometown team (collecting 90 games counting league, cups and Euroleague) has had several international experiences playing in the NCAA for South Florida University and in Turkey.

A very reliable shooter from beyond the arc, 42.9% from three in 29 games in her first season in Florida, she also combines an excellent ability to drive her teammates to the basket. This aspect of hers, in particular, has been improved over the years, shaking off the label of pure scorer, without losing her scoring skills.

Crucial will be her contribution, both numerically and in terms of experience, in the Euroleague competition in which she played last season, scoring an average of 11.9 points with 41.5% from three, reaching a high score of 19 points against Valencia. In an average of almost 30 minutes on the court in the Euroleague and 27 in the league, she has proven to be a reliable player from a physical point of view as well, an important aspect for her offensive game, managing to make the most of all her 182 cm, making her a decent rebounder (2.9 rebounds in the league and 2.3 in the Euroleague on average).