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Laksa: ‘Here to win. The group? Fantastic. We will do everything to have a great Euroleague”

After an excellent pre-season in terms of numbers , Kitija Laksa spoke with us to the microphones of Virtus Tv.

Team: “It’s a group capable of competing, with many ambitions. I’m here to play great basketball, to play in the Euroleague, in Italy and win games: that’s why I’m here.
Goal for this season? Definitely to reach the final again, but also to have a good season in the Euroleague. I don’t want to talk too much too soon, but the Euroleague is a priority for me and for the team. In the last three seasons I have played this competition and to reach the goals you need hunger and for our team this will be a great challenge. We will be ready for the Euroleague, the highest level, the most important competition in the world. I am very excited about this season.
The relationship with the girls? The team is super, I already love the girls, on the court we understand each other. Off the court the Italians are beautiful people.”