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Euroleague Women, Round 5 | Coach Ticchi’s pre-match: “We are here to play a warrior game!”

Athens –

Olympiacos SFP vs Virtus Segafredo Bologna, tomorrow Wednesday, Dec. 7, 4:30 p.m., Peace and Friendship Arena (Athens).

Live: Euroleague Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/euroleaguewomen)


Out Ivana Dojkic and Iliana Rupert.

Finished the session from the eve practice, Coach Giampiero Ticchi analyzed tomorrow’s game against Olympiacos: “On this day of the Euroleague we will be lucky enough to play in one of the arenas that made the history of European basketball. We, too, want to tie it to memories that will be indelible and keep up the level of two clubs that represent the history of the sport in Europe. Tomorrow, beyond a few of our absences, we are expecting a game of the highest level where we will be called upon to give an important performance, both in terms of physicality and intensity: we will have to have desire, enthusiasm and a lot of determination.
We are here and I expect us to play a warrior game, fighting for 40 minutes.”