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Euroleague, Round 16 | Coach Scariolo: ‘If a lot of people behind you push you, you try to do that little bit extra’

Bologna –

Coach Sergio Scariolo in the post-match press conference: “Unfortunately, it’s since the beginning of the season that we have been plagued by problems and this affects us: if in the first roles we are covered, in the 3-4-5 we are not, and this forces us to make efforts that you then pay for and cost us dearly. Every week we have some problems because we are often in situations where we are forced to cover ourselves with a short blanket. I don’t know if today is the best performance because we have also had worse games, but today looking at the table you would have been a little afraid at the start. All in all we are showing that we are a serious team and honour the competition in the right way, so let’s keep trying.

Few lost balls? When you have fewer possessions to deficit on rebounds you have to use them well: today we lost an acceptable number of balls and that helped us a lot. The fact that Milos didn’t make double figures in assists is heartening to me because the performance of our other playmakers was of a very high level.
We feel so much the support of our fans and it’s an important support and this motivates the players to play beyond their strengths and perform better: if so many people behind you push you, you try to do that little bit extra that then in the end gives you the lucidity and intensity needed to stay on the court. On the other hand, we were playing against a great team with a lot of top players and it’s obvious that I can’t manage to cover everyone, but by working as a team we managed it.”