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Banchi: “I look forward to having your support and making you somehow proud of the team”

Bologna, september 18 –


The press conference for the official presentation of Luca Banchi, the new head coach of Virtus Segafredo Bologna, was held today at 11:30 a.m. at the Porelli gym.

“I cannot hide my excitement and satisfaction to be here today, linking my name to such an important and such a prestigious club. I certainly inherit an anomalous situation, but one that never created any doubt in me when it came down to deciding in a few hours whether it was appropriate to accept this challenge. I hope I have the technical and professional, but above all moral, characteristics to be able to boost this winning program by definition. It seems very difficult to raise the level when one has already apparently achieved excellence, however, it is a challenge that I feel I can and want to accept for what is my style. I am already at work trying to build momentum for this group, I do not want in any way to represent a slowdown simply because I have not been involved in the process of building this team or have not coached in the past except for one player of the 15 who are part of this staff to date. I think I have enough experience to understand that I will have to try to follow in the footsteps of those who came before me and slowly try to impose my vision of the game, of how this team can succeed in performing on the court and enthuse a public that historically is one of the most overwhelming. Playing in Bologna has always had a special taste even when I arrived as an opponent, I look forward to having your support and making you somehow proud of a team that can be appreciated for its commitment, dedication and will to win. No one here wakes up in the morning to finish second.”