Upcoming MatchSegafredo Virtus Bologna vs Banco di Sardegna Sassari/5 Dec 2021/Virtus Segafredo Arenaiten


Bologne –

Cecilia Zandalasini, new Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna’s player, during the presentation at Segafredo Arena: “I thank Dr. Zanetti and Dr. Baraldi for this opportunity. Happy to be back in Italy and to wear the Virtus Segafredo jersey, in Basket City. The experience in Turkey helped me from all points of view, I had to adapt and it is something that helped me to grow in a team with a very high level. I learned so many things, I’m happy to be back in a league that is growing more and more and it will be fun to play. It’s a good challenge.
Are we not very well regarded in the media? I wouldn’t know, I play basketball, I love basketball, I follow it and watch the games, I don’t compare it to volleyball. Our movement is growing, we hope to bring in a lot of people and fill this arena. It won’t be easy to do it as it happens with the men’s team, but it would be a great satisfaction.
Playing in a team like Fenerbahce, the common goal was to win the Euroleague. Having a common goal and going down the road all together is the way to success.
Bologna? I don’t know it much, I’ve only seen the center a couple of times. I am very interested in getting to know it and living the city.
With the National team we start on Saturday, the idea would still be to go to the WNBA and play the second part of the season, but we will see after the European Championship. My number is 24, Kobe’s number, I’ve had it since I was 15, I’m very attached to it for obvious reasons.”