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Virtus Segafredo Bologna Women jersey number for the season 2021-2022

Bologna, August 26 –


Virtus Segafredo Bologna women’s team jersey numbers have been unveiled for the 2021-2022 season that will see the team play in the Women’s Basketball League championship and the FIBA EuroCup Women.

All the players who have worn the black and white jersey since last season are confirmed.
The novelties concern, obviously, the newcomers. Number 2 and number 21 for Myisha Hines-Allen and Brianna Turner, the same numbers they usually use in the WNBA. 46 for Sabrina Cinili, because 23 is the number of luck and multiplied by 2 gives 46, “double luck”. Historical number for Cecilia Zandalasini, 24, “Kobe Bryant’s number, I’ve had it since I was little and I’m very fond of it”. Ivana Dojkic chose 18, even though her “usual” number was 8: the 1 in front of the 8 has many reasons, the Croatian was 18 the first time she wore it.

Giulia Ciavarella chose the 9 linked to her zodiac sign, the fishes, and furthermore between her and her sister there are 9 years of difference, with another brother in between. No particular reason, instead, for the number 6 chosen by Francesca Pasa. Number 21, in honor of Tim Duncan, was Maria Laterza’s number in college: upon her arrival in Italy, however, the only number available was 17 and “Now I’m very superstitious because every year I’ve worn 17 has been a winning year.”