Virtus Segafredo Bologna women celebrated in City Hall for historic Supercup win
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Virtus Segafredo Bologna women celebrated in City Hall for historic Supercup win

Bologna –

Earlier today, Virtus Segafredo Bologna women’s team was received in the City Hall by the Mayor of Bologna Matteo Lepore and Sports Councillor Roberta Li Calzi to celebrate the historic SuperCup win.

These are the words of Virtus Segafredo Bologna President Massimo Zanetti: “We had been hoping to win something for a few years already, and it happened. There had never been such a strong team at the regional level, and it is something that puts our girls in line with the boys. There would be a need to talk more about the girls, because too many-even at the media level-keep them in a corner and don’t give them the space they deserve. But it’s right to remind and spur them on, also because in schools 80 percent of young girls choose to play basketball, it’s important. We hope they will do well in the Euroleague, I think they will, in the league we will fight for the scudetto against Schio as always.”

These are the statements of captain Cecilia Zandalasini to the media present: “We are very proud of this Super Cup, the first trophy for Virtus Segafredo Bologna. For us it is a special trophy. Although it is well known that the Supercoppa, being the trophy we get in the preseason, may have relative value, for us instead it is a historic achievement. It is the first trophy in the club’s history, and that is why we celebrate it very happily. Surely winning helps to win, it lifts the spirit and the spirits, we are still very happy and we are still on the wings of enthusiasm to start the championship this weekend. It is clear that beating Schio is never an easy task, they are always a top team, always very prepared and ready and for that it has a special flavor. It is clear that now the championship starts and there are many other very competitive teams, certainly we are one of those teams that everyone will want to beat. When you play against us they will all be a little bit more fierce, we simply have to train hard and be ready for all the matches. Since the beginning of the year we have been a super group, we are well together, many of us have been playing together for many years but also the newcomers have integrated very well right away. Nothing has changed between us, in fact, as I said before we have become more cohesive in celebrating this victory together. When we take the court, whether it’s for games or training, we all manage to be very professional and we know what our common goal is, which is to win as many games as possible and be competitive both in the Euroleague and get as far as possible in the league. Being here makes us extremely proud, we wanted to bring this trophy to Bologna also for this reason, it is a city that lives on sports and mainly on basketball. Winning here in Bologna has a special flavor for this very reason.”