Upcoming MatchPassalacqua Ragusa vs Segafredo Virtus Bologna LBF/1 Oct 2023iten

Under 19 qualifies for National Finals.

Bologna –

After the success in the first game, a defeat by only four points on the court of Aurora Basket Jesi allows the Under 19 to access the National Finals to be held in Ragusa June 6-12.

A hard-fought contest, which saw the team led by Matteo Lolli defend the basket difference with a performance of character, heart and grit.

After Andrea Venturi’s Under 15, another virtussina youth selection makes it to the National Finals in its category!

Aurora Basket Jesi vs Virtus Bologna U19: 80 – 76
(15-15, 44-43, 63-51)

VIRTUS: Nobili 10, Cardin, Cattani 7, Ferdeghini 3, Terzi 5, Minelli, Barbieri 3, Colombo 25, Grotti 2, Venturi 3, Martini 9, Franceschi 9.
All. Lolli

JESI: Giulietti, Vitadilu, Memed 24, Moretti 5, Vitatusevo, Maretto 13, Ginesi 23, Tandia 12, Costantini 3, Amadio, Rinaldi, Ogiemwory.
All. Francioni