Upcoming MatchSegafredo Virtus Bologna vs Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro/17 May 2022iten

The focus on our opponents

Bologna –


A lot of attack, second in the A league behind Virtus, with 85.8 points, even first with 42.7% from 3 and a sprinkling of angst in the assists (20 rounds, always second behind the black and whites), the Happy Casa Brindisi goes up to the Segafredo Arena for the play-off between the second roommates in the standings. The figure is nice and round, the creature that was born full of hopes when instead it could sink after having heavily reassembled the roster: away almost all the first tips D’Angelo Harrison, Derek Willis and Darius Thompson.

Frank Vitucci, always one of the most skilled at turning the basketball churches upside down, this time too has turned his corner by entrusting the leadership to Josh Perkins (5.4 assists and 1.3 recoveries), a director mixed between talent and discontinuity. The term is strong, but it is always preferable not to pity the plagues and instead stock up on penicillin. The synthesis of this trend is fresh from the day: after the domestic unbeaten streak interrupted by Trento, the first success in the Champions League against Darussafaka, hitting from three with 42.9%. In Apulia, as we know, the good game has found a home, a Happy Casa. Brindisi makes baskets, makes image and even the triples, a few months ago a half drama, have today opened wide doors and arms. As for the rest of the team, already swollen with Americans, it also has a lot of Italian substance: Alessandro Zanelli, a sure and determined playmaker with 3.3 assists, Raphael Gaspardo 207 centimeters, with 13.5 points, the first Italian on the team, more 3-4 than 4-3, and the right age (28 years old) able, compared to the past, to give heavy baskets with quantity (5 attempts beyond the arc) and quality (46.7%). Nathan Adrian, as a third gunner offers some shots (12.9 points) and rebounds (5.5), often inside the game. Behind, instead, Jeremy Chappell brings defense and it is not blasphemous to weigh it on the same scale as the axis
Adrian Nathan-Nick Perkins (top scorer in the league at 18.5, fourth rebounder at 7.9), the team’s main director. To come out with two points for Segafredo will be the real challenge, more in the head than in the numbers, because in November some things are not yet told by mathematics, but common sense will be enough.