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The 16th Championship on black and white social network

Bologna, July 15 –


Virtus Segafredo Bologna on June 11, 2021 became Italian Champions. The sixteenth black and white championship was celebrated at the Segafredo Arena and all over the city. In the digital era, of course, the social networks are in all respects “social squares” and even there, in fact, the celebrations of the victory of the Black V’s were no less than that.

June was, also for this reason, an important month for Virtus, that on its social channels registered an important increase in views, followers and interactions from its own fans but also from fans of opposing teams or simple basketball lovers.

There are three main social platforms of the club and all of them have shown an increase since the magic night of the “Scudetto”.

Twitter was certainly the social network that most “benefited” from the victory of the sixteenth championship: in fact, there were more than 1 million interactions on the club’s Twitter account (1.53 million), with 54 thousand profile views and 3 thousand mentions.
On the Facebook profile, on the other hand, there were 747 thousand interactions. The Virtus profile on Instagram, finally, with an already large user base, in June recorded 377 thousand interactions.

Overall, therefore, the total increase in followers was also important: between the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles, the increase was 8 thousand new “digital fans”.

A Scudetto celebrated on the field, in the streets of Bologna but also on social networks.