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Ronci: “With Cordinier, we chose each other after a more complicated negotiation than what you read.”

Bologna –

To introduce Cordinier’s presentation conference, Juventus General Manager Paolo Ronci: “Today we are presenting a very strong player, after a more complicated negotiation than what we have read, because between a ‘done deal’ and the signatures the difference is just the signatures and in fact after what we have read five days have passed. The deal is done when there are the signatures, in the last few days there has been competition with other teams. At the beginning of the negotiations we were in a favorable position, always thanks to the relationships that we as a society have established over the years. Then we had to play a little defensively with the legitimate inclusion of other teams, even important ones; teams with whom we look at each other in the eyes, today Virtus with these teams sits at the same table with pride. The negotiation with Isaïa was also a coincidence: the unfortunate injuries coincided with the fact that Cordinier was back on the market, after having played his cards in the NBA. He is a player we liked for a while, he played at a high level last year in EuroCup and as we saw with Hervey, our evaluation on players of that level is very careful. We felt the player’s desire and determination to be here: today his highest ambition is to do well here and for us, as a club, it’s a great signal. We chose each other.”