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Regional 3X3 Finals, excellent performance of the Virtus youth selections

Bologna –

Yesterday, Sunday, July 25, the 3×3 Regional Finals were held in Misano Adriatico, organized by the Italian Basketball Federation-Regional Committee of Emilia-Romagna. To compete for the podium of regional champions and to win the national finals in Treviso, the virtussine selections Under 18, 16 and 14 Silver and Gold.

Excellent performances by all Virtus Basketball Bologna youth teams that won the category tournament, with the exception of the U14 Silver selection that, after winning first place in the round, gave up in the semifinals against Ravenna in overtime. First place for the U16 team at the end of the final against Piacenza after an overtime and first place also for the Under 18 team that defeated Basket 2000 Reggio Emilia in the final.

Finally, clear path for the U14 Gold team that closes its tournament undefeated without a single defeat.