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Pajola: “In Tokyo, no feat is impossible. I play and do my best for Virtus.”

Bologna, August 2 –


After winning the quarterfinals with ItalBasket at the Tokyo Olympics and on the eve of tomorrow’s challenge (10.20 am Italian time) against France, Alessandro Pajola was interviewed on Repubblica.

“We are in the quarterfinals. I never dreamed of going to the Olympics. Let alone make it this far. Against Nigeria it was a very physical and tough game. We didn’t go up and down but we were good at staying there and getting the ball rolling. At the end we looked up at the scoreboard and realized what we had done. One thing I am sure of though, there is no feat here in Tokyo that is impossible. At this point there are only star-level teams left, with so many phenoms on the court. But we are here. And if we all put our qualities on the court and help each other we can beat any team, I’m sure.
I have to say thank you to all the coaches I’ve had both as a child. They taught me that you always have to understand a second before what the opponent is going to do. And ruin their plans. It’s not always easy, if you miss the advance you leave your teammates at a numerical disadvantage. This is why defense is a team game, where you have to help each other. I just play and do my best for my team, Virtus. Teodosic? We are not there because everyone is going through his own moment. He will have rested and trained on vacation, we will see each other soon.”


Photo credits: FIBA