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Olbis: “Hard work and hunger for win. What do I want? To win for my city, it would be a great pride.”

Bologna –

After the first days of training and the first friendly played in Rovigo against Reyer Venezia, Olbis Andrè Futo spoke for the first time to the microphones of Virtus TV.

“Motivation is everything. Everyone makes daily sacrifices with gym work, training and travel so there is definitely a strong component of pride when you win a title, whether you win a game or improve. individually or as a collective. Having a hunger to win and to improve, those are the motivations that have to push you.”

Olbis also addressed her own expectations and those of the team: “I hope to continue the improvements I have made so far and together give the team a hand in achieving our common goals. I hope that together we will have the opportunity to grow and continue the path that the girls before me have started in the past years.

For me it is a thrill to come back home because I have been missing for so long, since I left when I was 15 years old. One of the fortunes of playing in Bologna is being able to be close to family and friends, which will allow me to see them more often than in the past and this will give me additional motivation. Plus, I will work to do something great for and with my city-that would be a source of great pride for me.”