“Now that it’s official we can say it, Virtus will have its fans back.”

Bologna –

The Undersecretary of Sports Valentina Vezzali signed the decree (currently being registered) that establishes the criteria for the presence of the public at the semi-finals and finals of the A Series basketball championship.

In the coming days, the Club will communicate all the necessary information to guarantee, in total safety, the access to the Segafredo Arena.

Here is the comment made to the Resto del Carlino and Repubblica by the CEO of Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna, on the long-awaited news: “Now that it’s official we can say it – says Baraldi – . Virtus will have its fans back, or at least a part of them, from the next home game. Spectators will be able to enter the Segafredo Arena: 25% of the capacity, exactly, from June 1st. With 500 people, it wouldn’t have changed much for us, so I’ll reveal a back story. It was thanks to Gianmaria Manghi, from President Bonaccini’s office, that we told Rome about the club’s need for more people, using all the necessary precautions – thanks to the virtussino manager – The upward adjustment of the numbers, which will be for everyone, started here, in Bologna, where Bonaccini and the regional institutions played a decisive role in reaching the government’s decision. So, for game 3 and possible game 4 with Brindisi, we will be able to let in about 2,200 people, with the known prevention methods. The first game will be on June 2nd so we will have two weeks to organize ourselves and we will certainly respect all the rules. I can say that we will try to facilitate the presence of our subscribers of this year, since they have a lot of credit on their season ticket, hoping to get to the finals where we would still make the same card worthwhile, even if nominally the ticket has a higher value and this I think is an added bonus.” closes Baraldi.

A look at the near future and next season on season tickets and preemption: “I would add that even the subscribers of the 2019/2020 season who were not able to renew their card will have a preemption even for the next sporting year, when we all hope that the percentage relative to the capacity will be much higher. Those who have trusted us and waited patiently for this moment deserve this thanks. Virtus has been missing this goal for a long time and we are satisfied. We respect Brindisi, but we’re not afraid of anyone: this team has what it takes to reach the Scudetto Final.”