LBF, Round 24 | The protagonists’ comments
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LBF, Round 24 | The protagonists’ comments

Bologna –

These are the words of coach Giampiero Ticchi after the game: “Today was a very very difficult game, against a very difficult team to play against. They on the outside have pairings that put us in serious difficulty because they have so much physicality and athleticism: even under the basket they can put anyone in trouble. In the first quarter we had to give them the shot to prevent them from coming back but we didn’t succeed, also on their merits: then in the third quarter Parks showed to be a total player without us finding solutions and I didn’t want to put too much stress on Laksa on defense. However, we showed that we have the ability to suffer and never give up.
Someone on our common chat wrote “say hello to the leader” after the game and that makes me smile a lot. It doesn’t change our intent because we still want to try to get first at the end of the championship to give Bologna a new supremacy, even if it only half counts because the important thing is to win.”

Alessandra Orsili also spoke in the postgame: “Today I was feeling particularly confident so I want to dedicate this victory to all the fans, the staff and all the people who believe in me in this company: every now and then suffered victories are important to make you understand and appreciate the efforts you make daily.
In the second half of the game we changed the intensity on defense and this allowed us to capture offensive rebounds as well. This allowed us to have a lot more peace of mind in playing offense and especially feeling the mutual trust that you have in this team I think is the extra weapon. I know I don’t have a lot of minutes but I always face them to the fullest.
The lead in the standings? We’re obviously delighted, but we still want to keep our feet on the ground and try to do the best we can because there are still two games left and it’s crucial to stay focused on the daily work.”