LBF, Round 17 | Statements of the protagonists
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LBF, Round 17 | Statements of the protagonists

Bologna – 

In the postgame of the match between Virtus Segafredo and Famila Wuber Schio, these are the statements and comments of the protagonists of the game.

Giampiero Ticchi: “I am very happy with the performance we gave to this audience, something incredible for women’s basketball: regardless of the cheering, today was an incredible show for basketball lovers. The two teams battled each other without sparing themselves: we played an excellent game by playing our game and playing well on defense. A win that gives us a lot of morale and awareness.
The basket difference is something we considered for an eventual finish paired with Schio.
I hope these performances make the fans fall in love even more and we expect them at the next games to support us again, today they were really something unique.”

These instead are the words of Cecilia Zandalasini: “I am very happy with the victory, for all the girls. We believed in it from the first moment without ever giving up against a very organized and talented team, with players like Mabrey, so it’s a victory that is worth a lot. We managed to limit their offensive game and for that I have to thank my teammates once again.
The Paladozza tonight was something magical because they helped us so much, pushing us even when we had some down moments: I hope they will continue to support us because the season is still long and so we still have to work hard. Now we enjoy this victory that gives us so much confidence: it was an intense week of work that paid us back so much.”