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Campobasso –

Coach Giampiero Ticchi, Beatrice Barberis and Cheyenne Parker spoke to the microphones after the game:

Giampiero Ticchi: “On the eve of the game we knew we were going to play on a field that was certainly very difficult and in fact I complimented the girls because it is a city that is able to give you a special energy with really fantastic and very warm fans. In the league Campobasso has been a team that has been able to put us in a lot of trouble because they match us very well. Tonight the game we were only able to turn it around in the second half and then manage after creating a break that we were good at keeping until the end.
If we had not been so good on offense, this would have been a very very difficult game. In the second quarter the break was the key that allowed us to win and we are very happy with the result.
Now we have little time to rest and recover the necessary energy because tomorrow we play again against a super team like Venice.
I give my compliments to all of Campobasso, also for making this event because it was exceptional to play today.
Game plan? I’m glad that all the girls were involved. We had prepared everything to limit Parks but it wasn’t enough, so in the second half we tried to take the ball out of her hands.
Zandalasini? She is having a stratospheric season, as a leader, with fantastic percentages on offense to which she is also adding incredible defense and rightly I think she is one of the best players this season.”

Beatrice Barberis: “Coming here we knew we would have to fight to the last on a court that is not easy for anyone. Today we managed to turn it around in the second half, tightening up on defense and having the patience to circulate the ball by always finding the best positioned players.
The crowd again today lived up to its name by doing a lot of cheering, but we have little to dwell on these things because we have to think already about tomorrow’s game and it will be necessary to be ready at our best in an important match.”

Cheyenne Parker: “Today we were playing on the court of a team that we knew would fight to the last to win in front of their home crowd. It wasn’t one of my best nights but I’m happy with the result of the group and the victory we got.
Physically? I feel very good. All season I have been working to get to this point in the best possible condition and I am happy.
Venice has very tough players under the basket, but we also know what we are worth.”