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LBF Focus on our opponents

Bologna –

Empoli. This is the next stop for Virtus in the long marathon that is the Women’s A Series. Use Scotti Rosa came out with broken bones from its first game against Campobasso, losing 68-49 and giving away the second quarter to its opponents. Excellent proof, however, of Williams, a newcomer to the market at her first experience in Serie A but already a fresh winner of the Slovakian championship, and Bocchetti, also a new player coming from Battipaglia.

Empoli made many changes in the summer, revolutionizing the roster on the exteriors by focusing on Richards, Rembiszewska, Bocchetti, Stoichkova and Williams under the boards. Confirmed instead, the block of Italian almost in toto starting from coach Cioni, reconfirmed at the helm of the Tuscan team.
Empoli’s game is forcibly more perimeter due to the lack of inches and the different points in the hands of all the external players (even if the first outing showed some wet dust in the conclusions from beyond the arc), but they don’t disdain the internal game thanks to an extra Williams, on the shields in the first outing, who brings all her physicality and experience despite being only a ’96.
Leading the charge then will be Baldelli, veteran of a group that blends together very young players on the verge of launching like Ruffini, also called up for the National Under 19 team, and players ready for the ultimate test of nine.