Upcoming MatchRatiopharm ULM vs Segafredo Virtus Bologna/25 Jan 2022iten

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Bologna –

Virtus will have to cover a short distance to decide its future. Between the home game in the cup against Carolò and the away game in Faenza for the championship, there are little more than 60 km that could enclose a lot of Segafredo’s redemption after the EuroCup defeat. Faenza, looking at the standings, could seem to be an adversary well within their reach as they are newly promoted and therefore still in a phase of evolution with a roster deeply changed from last year and from last championship. But it’s not like that, because being a young team, it lives on those energetic gusts typical of youth, able to score only 38 against Venice, but to defend itself with honor against Schio.

Under the basket there will be a clash already seen in other releases, between Kunaiuyi-Akpanah and Turner who travel on very similar averages in rebounding: if the former can boast an average of 13 rebounds per game with seven games already on the books, the player from Pearland has guaranteed the same average (12 per game) but with the age of the games played. Third-last attack from inside the area and penultimate from beyond the arc: with these positions Faenza travels with an average of 55-60 points per game, conceding an average of 70, often leaving room for real turnovers. Davis (12.7 per game) and Policari (10 pts for her) represent the main dangers of a team that doesn’t have a real leader but relies ideally on different players every game, reason for concern for coach Sguizer. A game that Virtus must face in the best of conditions in order to stay glued to the top positions in the championship and begin to add points in the standings.