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LBF, 4th Round | Akronos Moncalieri-Virtus Segafredo Bologna 49-84

Bologna, 24 ottobre –


Akronos Moncalieri-Virtus Segafredo Bologna 49-84
(11-26, 14-15, 16-19, 8-24)

MONCALIERI: Williams 8, Landi, Giacomelli 4, Toffolo 6, Da Paixao 19, Jakpa, Reggiani 7, Nicora, Miletic 3, Katshishi 2, Landi, Gueye. Coach Terzolo

VIRTUS: Hines-Allen 27, Pasa, Tassinari 7, Ciavarella 5, Tava 11, Laterza, Barberis 9, Dojkic 13, Battisodo, Zandalasini 12, Migani. Coach Lardo


The first minutes of the game are a one-on-one duel between Williams and Hines-Allen who sign the two teams’ respective first eight points. Dojkic in transition scores first in penetration, then from the arc and forces the home team to the first timeout of the night on 8-13. After the timeout, the Virtus partial continues: three by Barberis and another basket by Dojkic after a stolen ball. Giacomelli from the line stops Segafredo’s 14-0 run, but they don’t stop and with four points by Tava, they close the first quarter, 11-26. Moncalieri gets off to a better start in the second period: 7-0 run for the home team, interrupted by Zandalasini’s triple after 3′ in which Segafredo struggles to find the basket. Lardo’s team regains offensive fluidity thanks to Hines-Allen who first scores, then serves a triple from the corner by Ciavarella for a new +16 (20-36 at 2′ from the end of the first half). Moncalieri scores at the end of the first half and goes to rest on 25-41. After halftime Moncalieri starts with a triple, Virtus responds with Dojkic and the usual Hines-Allen. The triples don’t hurt Segafredo, who responds with 6 points on counterpunches and Zandalasini’s no-look assist for Barberis that brings the lead to +19 midway through the third period (34-53). After the break the script doesn’t change: Barberis steals the ball and scores two, Hines-Allen makes no mistake from the arc. Moncalieri with pride doesn’t give up and the third period ends 41-60. Tassinari from the corner opens the last 10′, then Zandalasini with 4 points in a row increases the gap between the two teams, 41-71 at 7′ from the end. Da Paixao breaks Moncalieri’s offensive drought but Tava scores again, this time from long distance. In the last 5′ Segafredo controls until the final buzzer. Young Migani gets some court time. It ends 49-84.