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LBF, 26th day | Losi: ‘We approached this season with the right spirit: now we have the last step to climb’

Bologna, 25 March –


Virtus Segafredo Bologna vs RMB Brixia Basket. Kick-off tomorrow, Sunday 26 March, 6:00 pm, at the Palasavena (San Lazzaro di Savena, Bo).
FREE ENTRANCE, by presenting the digital ticket, obtainable at the following link

Direct: Made in Bo tv (Channel 88 dgt) and Lbftv

Referees: Bonotto, Forno, Mignogna


These are the words of Jordan Losi on the eve of the last match against Brescia:

“We are in the last act of the regular season, in which we have the chance to win something we have sweated all year: this I think will put us in the best condition for the play-offs, but it is only a stage. The girls are well aware of what our goal is and they also know that we’ll have to face great opponents to get there, but this supremacy of ours must fill us with stimuli and wash away the pressure to allow us to perform at our best.
We have approached this season in the right spirit and with the enthusiasm of someone who has to climb the mountain, but putting ourselves in the right condition to climb the climb that is April and all that it entails.
So far we have done well, but now comes the maturity exam.”