LBA Supercup SF | Coach Scariolo and Diana’s postgame statements
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LBA Supercup SF | Coach Scariolo and Diana’s postgame statements

Brescia, Sept. 28 –


After the win with Milano Coach Scariolo greeted the press room before handing over to Coach Diana.

Scariolo: “I just want to say hello to the city and friends of Brescia. It’s been 30 years since I’ve been back to the gym where I started playing. Good to be here, and I’ll stop. I give there word to my technical staff who have guided the team in these weeks with excellent work. With balance we recognize the work done by the technical, medical and physical staff. I give there word to Andrea, this win rewards them.”

Diana: “I thank Sergio, who although busy at Eurobasket has never failed to give us his support, every day. I am also very happy to be back in Brescia. Tough game, with ups and downs, it is normal at this time, we are inserting players who have done Eurobasket. Tough, but we are satisfied with the work. We had to win it twice, and we were lucid and careful in overtime. The rebounding battle is one of the keys to this win. With the absences we are forced to use Ojeleye only from 4, in the ideas there is also to use him from 3. Let’s see tomorrow, sassari is already broken in, we will have to be very careful.
Ojeleye has just arrived, he needs to break in. But he has already been very useful in equalizing the physical impact of Milan, him and others.”