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LBA, Semifinal Playoff: focus on Brindisi

Bologne –


After the clear path in the quarter-finals against Treviso, Virtus Segafredo Bologna meets Happy Casa Brindisi on its way. Happy Casa, that has beaten the Bianconeri twice in the regular season, has also passed the quarter-final against Trieste 3-0.

The same number of games, therefore, for the two teams in the post season. Offensively, Segafredo scores more with an average of 94.7 points (also thanks to the overtime of game 3 at Palaverde) compared to Brindisi’s average of 83.3. As far as the distribution of offensive conclusions is concerned, Vitucci’s team shoots three times more from mid-range than Virtus, which, however, has a better two-point percentage (47% for the Apulians, 56% for Segafredo). Djordjevic’s team is also better from long distance: 41% from three for Belinelli and his teammates versus 37% for Brindisi, with the Black V’s shooting almost six times more from the arc than Happy Casa. More assists in these playoffs for Segafredo, who, however, lost a lot of balls in the series with Treviso: the overall assist-loss ratio is still in favour of the Bianconeri, with Brindisi averaging 17.7 assists per game.

On an individual level, Perkins is the pivot of Vitucci’s team under many statistical headings, starting with the average minutes: 27.7 average minutes on court for the Happy Casa’s American center who is also Brindisi’s best scorer in this post season (15.3 points on average). Together with him, Thompson and Willis form a trio that has been fundamental for Brindisi in the playoffs up until now: with the three of them on court, Vitucci’s team has found the best solutions in offense and defense.


Referees: Carmelo PATERNICO’, Beniamino Manuel ATTARD, Fabrizio PAGLIALUNGA.

Game at 20.45, Sunday, May 25, PalaPentassuglia (BR). Live coverage on Raisport, Eurosport 2, Eurosport Player and Nettuno Bologna Uno.