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LBA, Round 11 | Scariolo: “there are players who come off the bench with humility and try to give us something”.

Cremona –


Coach Scariolo spoke after the game, commenting on the win against Cremona: “Two teams with serious injury problems that did their best to honor basketball, with different weapons. After a very good start, we suffered from the physicality of Sanogo and Cournooh, they created problems for us. In these situations, with so many injuries, sometimes there is the fear of making contact, even if you don’t want to, against players of great athletic level. In the second half we understood, we took a step forward, even if we left more space than we should have to Tinkle. But in general our defense was good, we found good executions in the open field and we shared the ball very well, as shown by the 28 assists. Satisfied, especially because there were no new injuries. Some players are taking more advantage than others of the minutes they have.
Good game by Amar, who was playing more and scoring more than in the playoffs last year. We expect him to defend with continuity and he could improve in rebounding as well. I think he has physical qualities to allow it, and he would make a quantum leap. Let’s not exalt him too much, and he needs to play consistently, regardless of minutes played. Then there’s accumulation of minutes and fatigue, and players who go on the risk of injury. But today Teodosic and Belinelli played the minutes they had to, and this is also a positive thing. Lower tempo? We want to play at a high pace, it’s not running forward that tires the players, it’s defending hard, bending the legs and playing at 24″ that puts them at risk. It’s a sign of our identity, we have these characteristics and we have to exploit them fully. It’s true that in the second half the defense improved, we were tougher. We are making atypical quintets, with two centers, a bit messy, but we have to make a virtue of necessity, we hope that everyone adapts, and there are players who with humility come off the bench and try to give us something.”