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LBA, Round 10 | Coach Scariolo’s post-game comments: “I thank everyone for their contribution to this win”.

Bologna –

Coach Sergio Scariolo spoke in a press conference after the win with Sassari: “A game that I would say was very interesting for everyone and for our fans that gave us a big hand. For Sassari that proves to be with the changes made starting from the bench on the right track and they deserved to play until the last ball. Matches like these are also useful for us to understand that it is possible to grit one’s teeth and overcome adversity, injuries and whistles. There were maybe a few too many mistakes, a few lost balls, but we have to give credit to Sassari for having done a great job, especially with their shooting. I think that by gritting our teeth we made it with the contribution of those who came off the bench and it’s very important for the Sassari that will be there for the rest of the season. Since the beginning of the year we’ve been in a high, if not very high, level of injury emergency like tonight. We are not able to move forward at the speed we would like but we are moving forward. In terms of chemistry and cohesion, the team is well ahead but events are forcing us to rely more than expected on individuality. This is the reality and I thank everyone for their contribution even extra for some veterans. We still don’t know the extent of the injuries but we will definitely have to invent different solutions. We’ll see the MRIs tomorrow.”