LBA, postponed all matches scheduled for January 2, 2022

Bologna –

The President of the LBA, Umberto Gandini,

– Considering the sudden exponential increase of Covid-19 contagions throughout the country that has involved and has been involving for several days many clubs of the Unipolsai A Series Championship;

– taken note of the fact that, as a result of this increase in contagions, the Government, yesterday, took a measure (the so-called Christmas Decree), not yet published, which will certainly affect the social and sports life of all members from the next few days, with particular reference to the changed regime of the quarantine period to which the positive members and close contacts of the various team groups will have to be subjected and the uncertainty of the timing regarding the application of the new capacities inside the stadiums

– given the primary objective of preserving the health of all players, coaches, members of the medical and managerial staff, all workers involved, as well as referees and officials at all times and in all cases

– considering the uneven impact of cases of positivity and quarantines imposed on the various team groups, also as a result of different applications of the rules by the Local Health Authorities, considers it necessary that the regularity of the Unipolsai A Series Championship be preserved as much as possible;

– having heard the Federal President;

all of the above stated and considered

orders the postponement of all the matches scheduled for January 2, 2022 valid for the 14th day of the first leg of the Serie A UnipolSai Championship. In the next few days, the arrangements for the recovery of the aforementioned matches will be indicated.

Dr. Umberto Gandini