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LBA, PLAYOFF FINAL | RONCI: “We want to be here, where the titles are being played for. We work for it”

Bologne –


Tonight at the Forum (8.45 pm) it’s already time for game 2 of the Scudetto Final after game 1, 48 hours before, sent Virtus to a 1-0 win. The success on the Milanese court, where Virtus hadn’t won since 2008, completely changed the balance of a challenge that, for some, seemed already marked. “We left our emotions at the Forum. It’s been a long time since we’ve had fans, it’s been a long time since we’ve played these important games. Last year we couldn’t have the excitement of the playoffs, when the season was interrupted we were first with 18 wins and 2 losses so we wanted so much to get into these playoffs after so many years of absence for Virtus – explained Paolo Ronci to the radio program “Tutti convocati” – The first goal was to pass the quarters, even that was expected for years. Then the semifinals against Brindisi, who did very well in the regular season, beating both us and Milan home and away. The path was important, getting to the final, which we had been waiting for for a long time, too long. The first victory brings us to refresh our memory, twenty years have passed since the last time. We woke up knowing that we were where we wanted to be. Then every game has a different story, it is always said but it is the truth. The next one we’ll see – explains the DG of Virtus Segafredo.

It has been a long time since June 19, 2001 since Virtus won a game in the final playoff series. Another statistical nod that certifies the HCL growth path. “Teodosic said it in an interview a few days ago, for Virtus to be among the best in all competitions must be a rule. We want to be there where we play for titles, we are working for that. It’s a group that has been working together for two years, we got here – continues the Virtus director – The season has been of ups and downs, even in the relationship with Djordjevic. That’s how we are, we like to confront each other and tell each other things. We don’t pretend if there are things to say and clarify. It’s kind of the way we play. Yesterday there was Markovic’s shot with Milan at -2 and then the breakthrough taken. In order to play with our weapons we have to be a bit like that, aggressive, irreverent. During the year there were ups and downs, but they passed, now we are in the playoffs, 7-0, we challenge a great team and look at what we have to do in game 2, we have to stay focused.” – Ronci comments.

“Djordjevic has been a great player, he’s our coach, our leader, our boss. He knows how to go into these games and these series, he’s played a lot of them. He is bringing his spirit on the court, which he has put in the leaders on the court and not only those, in addition to Teodosic and Belinelli there has been Markovic, there are some guys who are playing for the first time at this level, we have Pajola who is growing very well, the physicality that Abass and Alibegovic have brought to the court has been important. – Our Americans are perhaps underestimated at this level, but they are exemplary guys and very important for our balance. Sasha is conveying all this work on the court and on the technical side, and of the club. We have our president Massimo Zanetti who is an example of passion and enthusiasm. Sasha, once he starts the game, knows what he has to do.”