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LBA, 3° round | Sampson: “Good game, let’s keep working. I know I can give a lot on defense”

Bologna –

At his debut in a Segafredo jersey, Jakarr Sampson has immediately left his mark in the win at the Taliercio. 17 points in 17 minutes, with 7/8 from two-point range, 3/3 at the free-throw line and 4 rebounds for the 25-point forward who, in the post-game, commented the victory against Reyer: “I feel good, it was a difficult game for me, because I still have to get into a rhythm and play with the team. I have to get used to a different game and style of play, but I think it was a good game, played well. I’m looking forward to continuing in this vein and continuing to win. I know I can bring a lot of defense to the team, play hard and with a lot of defensive energy, making everyone’s job easier. I know I can give that in every game and tonight I did that especially in the second half. I had heard great things about Venice, a team that has been playing together for a long time and knows how to play, a solid team. That’s also why this is a great win for us, we have to keep growing to keep winning.”