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Frecciarossa Supercup 2022 | Scariolo: ” Fought with the right attitude”

Brescia, September 29 –

Second Italian Supercup at the head of Virtus Segafredo Bologna for Coach Scariolo, who commented on the win in the final against Sassari to TV microphones as follows:

“It’s an official tournament, at the same time it’s played at the end of the preseason. So with the teams still a bit behind with the preparation, us particularly. We had five players out, many returning from Eurobasket a serious preparation but by necessity taken with pins. I think it showed in certain moments of the offense when there were three/four new players on the court, and there it showed that we still have a lot of work to do We had the right attitude both days, we struggled, we were under, we knew how to stay under without panicking and without rushing the conclusions. We defended very well in the second half, though, and we managed to bring it home.”