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Francesca Pasa, Giulia Ciavarella and Maria Laterza on Virtus TV

Bologna, August 26 –


Francesca Pasa, Giulia Ciavarella and Maria Laterza are three new faces of Virtus Segafredo Bologna’s women’s team: the three players spoke to Virtus TV’s microphones about the emotions of being called by Virtus and their first feelings after the first week of training.

Pasa: “Everything happened unexpectedly and that’s why it was even more exciting. I was aware of the opportunity that was in front of me and I didn’t have to think twice. Personally, I’m ready to put myself on the line, to work daily in training: the important thing is to be there for the team, to work together to achieve great results. After the first few days of training the feelings are definitely positive, we are a group that from the beginning has proven to be tight-knit and is good together both on and off the field and this means a lot.”

Ciavarella: “I was at the 3×3 Pre-Olympic when the call came from Virtus so it was a joy within a joy. I didn’t have to think twice to say yes also because I had known the project behind this team and its composition. I’m ready to give enthusiasm, personally I want to grow and I’ll work hard for this, also because this could positively affect the team. The first sensations are more than positive, I hope I can ‘steal’ something from my more experienced teammates to improve.”

Laterza: “For Virtus I feel only gratitude. I stopped playing basketball in 2016 for work reasons and it wasn’t easy: I had a great job but I missed basketball so much in the last few years, also because I had stopped at a time in my career when I had raised the level of my ambitions. So I have to say thanks to Virtus because it allows me to return to a good level. The team, even in these early days, is very focused, they are all available to work and train. Here at Virtus we have the means to win and we have everything to compete. I am a very competitive person myself.”


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