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Focus on our opponents

Bologna –

Forced by itself, and by its own hesitations, to always have to prove something, the triumphant energy of Ratiopharm Ulm is maybe called Jaka Lakovic, once again determined to stay on the bench of this Baden-Württemberg town, lying on the curious triple confluence of Iller and Blau in the Danube and that, before making a basket, gave birth to Albert Einstein.

A perfect sports symbiosis with a Eurocup able in the last two years to reflect on the common growth destiny of coach and club: 1-9 two seasons ago, 4-6 last year. Jaka knows he’s in the right place, in the Bundesliga’s big bazaar among the showcases of Christon (18,4 points, 7,6 assists, 2 recoveries and almost 32 minutes of playing time), Felicio (12,4 points and 8,8 rebounds) and Blossomgame (man everywhere in his almost 26 minutes on court). They are the ones who make the most sowing and above all they are the ones who give wings in the area to a team that really doesn’t like long distances. Last in the BBL with only 20,2 attempts and with a 31%, Ulma marks its domination from the middle distance with a comforting 63%, first in the BBL. Five players played more than 21 minutes, two more than 30, but only three players reached double figures in offense: Christon and Felicio, besides Blossomgame. Around them, the team welded the rest, starting with the third best offensive rating of the Bundesliga. Surpassed in the cup at home by Buducnost last week, in the championship it climbed to seventh place, running in Chemnitz, led by the usual Christon (21 points, 5 assists), Herkenhoff (14 points, 7 rebounds) and Felicio (9 points, 9 rebounds), controlling the area with 36 rebounds. Certainly, Ulma hasn’t shone so far for continuity of performance, but should it line up for the playoffs in the Eurocup as well, it could act as a lethal weapon. Awaiting her will be a Segafredo with a fresh wound, after the first ko of the season in Napoli, to understand if the slaps taken on Sunday still hurt on Wednesday.