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Focus on our opponents

Bologna –

If, as history says, after every schism there is a before and an after, it will be the second to tell us about the Trieste that will come and Franco Ciani, back at the helm of an A team since Livorno in 2007, has already begun to illustrate his, after 11 seasons of Dalmasson management.

The choice has been to graft on market strategies drawn for the strengthening, to innervate a team changed for more than 60%. But history warns and today, therefore, restarting becomes even more incisive, it will require effort, because new is also the group, for collective understanding, of a Trieste that compared to last year aligns only 4: Manuel Fernandez, Daniele Cavaliero, Marcos Delia and Andrejs Grazulis. It will take patience, but the race has just started: pick n’ roll and offloads to arm the shooters is the menu offered in the first exits of the season, refreshing Adrian Banks, first point and guide of the group, up to the “heavy” hand of Fabio Mian and Luca Campogrande, not yet 100% recovered from the stop for the Achilles tendon, but who, in the meantime, on Sunday with Brescia has already put 14 without mistakes from the field. To lead it all, Poland has called Corey Sanders, the true pivot of the Giuliana’s troop in spreading the role along with Fernandez. After two victories in three days, the combative and effective championship of the Allianz encourages its hopes starting from the medium distance, second in A for made baskets (23), third as precision (54,3%) and if anything the obstacle remains on some gaps from the long range, sixteenth for made baskets (5,3), fifteenth as precision (28,6%). Trieste directs the intricate chessboard of the games better in the middle quarters where it gathers most of the offensive loot (27% of the points scored in the second, 25% in the third), starting and finishing more slowly in the other two (21% in the first quarter, 22% in the second quarter). Nine/ten players are on the court, but five are playing, Banks, Grazulis, Sanders, Mian, Delia, all over 25′, the first two even over 32′. And it’s obvious that the first line is largely made up of these: Banks best scorer (16.3), Grazulis first for rebounds and stoppages (6.7 and 2), Sanders man assists (5.7). The Allianz with them above all will try to bite, following the current of the game with its bayonet basketball to break the rhythm.