Focus on our opponents

Bologna –

Once the European adventure is over, it’s time for Virtus to concentrate their physical and mental energies on the championship. The next obstacle on the path of the black V’s comes from Lucca, with Le Mura visiting the Segafredo Arena: the last previous one at the Segafredo arena had seen a Virtus in control win, thanks to Williams’ 31 points and Barberis’ 18 last year.

Lucca, however, presents itself with several changes, heavily revolutionizing the team of last year, starting with the technical leadership, with a coach Iurlaro who leaves, there is an Andreoli who arrives, who must be given the credit for having raised a team that only last year played the play-outs, while now is struggling in the top positions. The quintet, completely revolutionized, starts from the framework provided by the Italian outside player Miccoli who contributes with almost 8 points per game and 5 assists with which she sends her teammates to the basket. To give her a hand, the three foreigners: Blake Dietrick, American play all phosphor and inspiration with lots of points in his hands, Sidney Wiese, another American player with experience in the WNBA at high levels and in the top Israeli league, and Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk whose difficulty in pronouncing her surname is second to the difficulty of defending this long player, who does not stand out for her centimeters (only 188 cm) but is still able to put up an average of 13 points and 9 rebounds. From the bench, however, Coach Andreoli has not yet been able to find the points needed to be a contender at a high level, a problem that he will certainly have to overcome in this championship.
Average of 70 points in the outings so far, apart from a few stumbles, thanks to the excellent free throw percentage, 83%, as well as the three-point percentage that sees it in fourth place in the league, taking advantage of the excellent ball circulation and the outside players capable of putting the opponent’s defense in trouble, especially in one-on-one situations.